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Shapewear Weight Loss

Does Shapewear help tighten loose skin?

although shapewear wasn't made to solve loose skin followed by a weight loss, stylists working with women who have gone through a significant weight loss transformation recommend shapewear as a quick fix compared to a tummy tuck surgery.

Does shapewear really help you lose weight? 

This is a controversial topic. Does shapewear actually help you lose weight? There have been many studies looking into this question and they have found that shapewear garments do in fact help you lose a few pounds and improve weight loss. Because of the tight compression fit, the garments are known to help with weight loss by massaging an area and causing you to sweat. They believe that this helps to increase circulation and therefore improve weight loss. While these garments might help you shed a few pounds, they will not help you to lose major pounds. Eating healthy and exercising is a much safer and more effective way to lose weight.